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Our experience and development expertise have induced us to design imaging systems for endoscopes in close cooperation with renowned endoscope manufacturers. We produce and distribute ready-to-install optical systems, ranging from micro-objectives, over track systems and eyepieces to camera adapter systems.

Our expertise

We always design and manufacture cost and performance oriented.

Prior to the optical design and the assembly of the single components we analyse – in-depth – existing systems and manufacturing technologies. Key drivers for the optical design are current and emerging trends in the camera chip technology as well as suggestions for improvements of existing systems.

The design and production of individual components of the system is closely coordinated with our optical workshop. We generally avoid costly set-ups and hard to procure or rare optical glasses.

To get more more information about the topic optical design, you can look at the site „Optical design“ under the main group „Services“.

Plug and play system solutions


Laparoscope systems


​(major-Ø 10.00mm, field of view of 70°)


  • HD laparoscope system with a
    lens-Ø of 6.00mm (ready-to-install)
  • HD laparoscope system with a
    lens-Ø of 6.50mm (ready-to-install)
  • HD laparoscope system with a
    lens-Ø of 7.00mm (ready-to-install)

Plug and play system components


Objective units

  • Objectives including corrective lens / field lens
  • (ready-to-install, mounted or unmounted)

Track systems

  • Rod lens and achromatic track systems


  • Neutrally corrected ocular lenses and systems

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