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The corporate division Services

Mainly initialized through our internal activities, we can offer various services (linked to our core activities) beside On-Demand Manufacturing of optical components.

Our focus in the field of services is optical design (lens design and mechanical construction) of single components or optical systems (especially endoscopy systems).

We also offer services in the area of quality assurance, storage and coating. As a result you are able to outsource activities, which are cost-intensive (especially quality assurance, because of the expensive testing facilities and storage). Our intension is a deep partnership at eye level between our customers and our company. You only need one contact to administrate issues in the fields of optical design and manufacturing.

We offer our customers in Europe, America, South Africa and Australia services of the highest quality, reliability and flexibility.

Service overview

To illustrate an overview of our services, a listing of service groups including sub-categories follows at this place.

  • Optical design (lens design and mechanical construction)
    • Single optical components
    • Optical systems (especially endoscopy systems)
  • Storage (call-off contracts)
  • Quality assurance
    • Spherical optics
    • Plano optics
  • Coating services
    • Coating preparations
    • Handling of the whole process

Our expertise

We draw on a wealth of experience in the areas optical design and coating activities for the medical and technical sector.
  • Experienced staff
  • State of the art analytical and design software
  • Very high vertical range of manufacturing
  • Cleanroom conditions
  • Certified process operations (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015)
  • Assurance of high quality through incoming goods quality controls and post-manufacturing quality controls
  • Strict adherence to delivery dates
  • Proficiency in consulting and customer support – we assume responsibility for our optics
  • Comprehensive testing facilities
    • ​Interferometer​
    • Goniometer
    • Measuring devices for the validation of the centering fidelity
    • Measuring micropscopes
    • Focal distance meter
    • Standardized testing plants / comparison plates for surface control (DIN ISO 10110)
    • In-house developments (centering fidelity of endoscope-systems)

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35584 Wetzlar

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Joachim Bernard Optische

Komponenten GmbH (2018)

Optical design

Lens design and mechanical construction [single optical components or systems (especially endoscopy systems)]

Quality assurance

Spherical optics and plano optics

  • Optikdesign (Berechnung und Konstruktion)
    • Einzeloptiken​
    • Optische Systeme (insb. Endoskopsysteme)
  • Lagerhaltung (Abrufverträge)
  • Optikvermessung und -kontrolle
    • Rundoptik​
    • Planoptik
  • Beschichtungs-Dienstleistungen
    • Beschichtungsvorbereitung​
    • Abwicklung des gesamten Prozesses


Call-off contracts

Coating services

Coating preparation and handling of the whole process