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Optical design and system construction

The corporate division

Due to the constantly growing demand of customer-oriented joint development of optical and optomechanical systems and system components, the optical design an system construction division of the Joachim Bernard Optische Komponenten GmbH was created in 2012. In this sector we pool our full spectrum of competence – from feasibility study to development and prototype construction, right up to batch production.

Areas of application

Medical engineering

  • Flexible, semi-flexible and rigid endoscopes
  • Intraoral diagnostics
  • Colposcopy
  • Ophthalmology

Industrial image processing

  • Technical endoscopy and boroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Optical metrology

Our expertise

Due to in-house projects and extensive collaboration with our customers, we have devised expertise in the development of optical systems, in the areas of the technical and medical endoscopy, the colposcopy, the ophthalmology, the micro optics, the field of optical image processing systems for measuring and inspection technology, as well as application-specific optics and optomechanics.

We design, construct and manufacture for you:

  • Single components
  • Imaging systems
  • Spherical illumination optics


  • Development of an HD-borescope system for the technical endoscopy
  • Development of an HD-camera adapter for the technical and medical endoscopy
  • Development of an HD-laparoscope system for the medical endoscopy
  • Development of an HD-cystoscope system for the medical endoscopy
  • Development of an HD-arthroscope system for the medical endoscopy
  • Development of illumination optics for the medical colposcopy
  • Conversion of various optical components as per our customer’s order
  • Development of various optical components as per our customer’s order

Course of action

The process optical design and system construction includes the following phases:

  1. Feasibility study

  2. The feasibility study is intended to highlight solutions for your requirements in the context of general viability and to identify risks whilst assessing the chances for success.

    The outcome of the feasibility study includes:

    • Analysis and evaluation of the potential approaches
    • Array of choices with documented chances and risks
    • Preliminary cost assessment
  3. Development and construction

    • Draft of a product concept catalogue
    • Joint specification of the project schedule regarding overall costs, target date and price per unit
    • Regular updates on the state of the project
  4. Prototype manufacturing

    • Prototype manufacturing according to the terms of the agreement
    • Fixed costs
  5. Batch production

    • Batch production based on targeted price per unit
    • Pre-decided quality
    • On-time delivery according to contract agreement

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Joachim Bernard Optische

Komponenten GmbH (2018)

​Unser Dienstleistungsspektrum im Bereich Optikdesign und Systemkonstruktion umfasst folgende Phasen:


Die Machbarkeitsstudie soll Lösungsansätze für Ihre Anforderungen hinsichtlich der Durchführbarkeit aufzeigen, dabei Risiken identifizieren und Erfolgsaussichten abschätzen.

Das Ergebnis der Machbarkeitsstudie beinhaltet:

Analysen und Bewertungen der betrachteten Lösungsansätze
Entscheidungsmöglichkeiten mit dokumentierten Chancen und Risiken
Erste Kostenabschätzung

Entwicklung und Konstruktion

Gemeinsame Aufstellung des Projektplans bezüglich Gesamtkosten, Endtermin und Zielstückpreis
Regelmäßige Berichterstattung über den Projektstand


Prototypenbau nach Vereinbarung


Serienfertigung basierend auf Zielstückpreis
Vereinbarte Qualität
Liefertreue nach Vertragsvereinbarung